17 months
Wileyways Cosmic Warrior "Vader"
Wileyways Heart of Gold
Wileyways R U Ready to Rumble
Ch NK Wileyways Cosmic Force
Wileyways Lts Camera Actn Vn E
Greiner Hall Falcon
Int Am CH Duncan Farms Vendela Vn Eva
Int CH Bel Aire Sooty
Int CH Wileyways Cool To The Core
Britestar's Marnay's Mystique
Ch Creekviews Major Montgomery
Ch Megamillions TuffENuff

Ch Britestars Dual Image
Ch Britestars Mariah of Wannabe

Series Tall Cool
Burns Hall Excaliber

Ch Iron Hills Into The Night
Ch Iron Hills Little Earthquake

Ch Marnays Major General Patton
Megamillions Creekview Major
Noble Knight of Greiner Hall
NK Acorn Pearl of Old School

Series Tall Cool
Burns Hall Excaliber

Greiner Hall Zecheriah
Greiner Hall Raven Noblehall

Ch Ridgewoods Otis
Ch Clunys Snip of Parsley

Born March 1, 2007
OFA MF-7614G26M-VPI hips good
OFA MF-PA1846/26M/P-VPI patellas normal
OFA MF-EL4226M26-VPI elbows normal
OFA MF CA1710/17M/C-NOPI heart normal
Cerf MF-3592/2008--18 normal
Cystinuria negative #2369 2008
OFANRM MF-TH1098/30M-VPI Thyroid
Wileyways Cosmic Quest Vn Eva
27 months
shown by Teresa Emerson
Sam is co-owned with and was bred by 
Denise Wiley of Wileyways Mastiffs.

Sam  hung on for 6 years but lost his hard-fought battle with epilepsy  at the beginning of 2014 .
Greiner Hall Falcon
Greiner Hall Medicine Lady
Ch Old School Primo RemoMajor
Ch Acorn HillMountainLaurel
Lionsire Grizz
Lady Joy of Loudon
Burns Hall Brutus
Burns Hall Elaine Toni

Greiner Hall Chadwick
Greiner Hall Isnor
Sir Grizzley
Coburngore Eliza of Noble Hall
Iron Hills Orpheus
Kayla Bradee
Lord Dryfuss Of Cluny
Hollyberry Honeywell

AmCanCH Matts Joshua of Dogwood Knoll
Ch Old School Creekview Major
Oaklanes Sir Winston Knights
Tony's Tequila Sunrise
Ch Yama Bushi Shin Rei
Ch Gentrys Brite Star Panda
Ch Gulph Mills Blackpoint Zach
Ch Brite Stars Apache Tears
Ch Lionsire Grizz
Lady Joy of Loudon
Burns Hall Brutus
Burns Hall Elaine Toni
Ch Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
AMCANCH Matts Joshua Of Dogwood Knoll
Ch Iron Hills Fixin To Start
Wileyways Miss Congeniality
Wileyways Cosmic Sam I Am
Shown by Cammy Priest
11 weeks
Though he "passed" all of his health testing Sam had serious health issues. Health testing does not always give us a true picture of the dog. Sam hung in there for 6 years, but a severe wry bite and Idiopathic Epilepsy made this boy's life very hard. He loved to show (especially with Teresa Emerson and Cammy Priest) but this had to stop when we realized that the excitement of showing triggered his seizures.
Shown by Teresa Emerson
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